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Independent, expert, second opinion forensic medicine and pathology case reviews


Medicolegal assessments of injuries and diseases of living or deceased infants, children and adults


The National Autopsy Assay (NAA) Group is a multinational group private practice based in the United States, Canada and Asia. The NAA Group is composed of forensic pathologists, consultant pathologists, forensic anthropologists, professional death investigators and others who are committed to providing high quality injury and death second opinion review services across the globe.

We provide evidence-based, scientifically defensible, peer-reviewed second opinion forensic medicine and pathology services.

Helping you understand complex medicolegal matters.

Our forensic pathologists have extensive experience providing assistance to criminal and civil attorneys, governmental oversight bodies, law enforcement agencies, family members and others. Our truth-seeking, evidence-based approach is non-partisan, and is rooted in modern science and medicine.

We are 100% independent


We offer expert second opinions on all aspect of forensic medicine and pathology, for both living and deceased individuals.  In particular, our growing group of qualified experts are interested in:

Forensic Pathologists use many tools; autopsy is but one of them…

Forensic pathologists are the only physicians trained and certified to recognize, document and interpret the medicolegal significance of injuries and diseases, and their overlap. A forensic pathologist uses their deep knowledge of medicine and pathology to help solve legal problems in injury and death cases.  The “toolbox” of the forensic pathologist includes autopsy, but it is not limited by this one tool.

An expert forensic pathologist can entirely change the direction of your cases involving either living or deceased individuals.

Forensic Pathologists are important to society, and to the legal system.

You may have never worked with a forensic pathologist before. If you have, you likely know the critical role a competent forensic pathologist can play. Speak directly with an on-call forensic pathologist to learn more about how we can assist you solve medicolegal problems

We offer rates for both private and publicly funded cases; we routinely accept “appointed” and discounted Government-rate cases (prosecution and defense).

We strictly protect your case data.

The NAA Group is dedicated to protecting your critical case data. We have robust data security and compliance policies, including two-factor authentication, multiple tiers of physical, network and data security, and information handling and data privacy protocols in accordance with NIST standards. We are powered by the AbacusLaw case management platform, and Purview Cloud PACS Medical Imaging Solutions. We also take numerous steps to safeguard your physical files and evidence, including access control, intrusion detection and electronic surveillance, as well as various deterrence methods. We are fully compliant w/ both HIPAA (USA) and PIPEDA (Canada) rules and regulations.

Educational Resources for Clients

Our educational services division prepares thoroughly researched, up-to-date scholarly materials for clients.  These easy-to-understand, but very heavily referenced documents serve to guide lawyers, law enforcement officers and others on the critical scientific elements of complex cases.  They also provide both context and detail during the various stages of litigation.

Examples of subject areas for which these documents are available include:

»  Subdural hemorrhages, retinal hemorrhages, optic nerve sheath hemorrhages, pediatric short falls, pediatric rib fractures, classic metaphyseal lesions (CMLs), and so forth.

We are excited to launch our new trial prep facility in Chicago!

In September of 2020, the NAA Group formally expanded its operations to Chicago, IL.  Our new, spacious facility includes a plush 3000 square foot trial prep facility with all the bells and whistles one could want.  Clients preparing for trial are invited to use the facility as needed to prepare with their expert(s) in advance of trial. 

Medicolegal News Service

Our semi-weekly medicolegal news service is here to provide you with news and developments of relevance to the forensic medicine/pathology and legal communities.


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